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    Options for a very large catalog

    poofyboy Level 1

      I have Photoshop Album 2 (not Starter Edition, the $50 version) and have about 10,000 pictures in my catalog. I'd like to understand the options now that Photoshop Album has been discontinued.


      1) Transfer to Photoshop.com


      2) What other Adobe application will open my catalog? What happens to my tags?


      3) Do other Adobe applications support tags in the same way?


      4) Any issues with a catalog this large? I'm not at the computer now so I don't know how many MB it is but it contains about 10,000 images.




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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          The functionality that used to be in Photoshop Album has been rolled into Photoshop Elements, and slightly more expensive package, but which features a whole lot more editing and sharing power. When you install Photoshop Elements, it will automatically import the data, including your tags and collections.


          If you are hesitant to drop the $70 or so, and want to first ensure that the upgrade will work, you can download and install the tryout at no cost; if it works, then you can buy it after 30 days.


          At the least, you should use the tryout, because it has a feature that will write all the tag info into the file (but alas, you collections would be discarded), and if you import the file into just about any other program, the keyword tags woudl be embedded in the files themselves; I'm actually not sure if that command is in Photoshop Album or not, but it's worth a looksee and a try anyway.


          Good Luck!



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            poofyboy Level 1

            Sounds good. I'll let you know how it turns out.