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    help with preloader

      i have a created a simple preloader w/ a simple progress bar for my main swf. i'm using flash 8 and have attached the action script code that i used for it. when i test it online, as the the progress bar loads midway, the contents of my main swf also starts. my understanding is that the once the preloader reaches 100%, that is when the main swf starts. the second problem is once the main swf loads completely, everything works (buttons, links) except the popup menu that i have. when i rollover one of my buttons that reveal a popup menu w/ buttons, none of the buttons work. i click them and nothing happens. what am i doing wrong? does the fact that my main swf has 116 frames and my preloader swf has only 100 have anything to do with it?

      i would totally appreciate some help as i am fairly new to flash, especially action script. thank you :)

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          Ardy15jan Level 1
          Did you actually tell the .swf file only to play when onLoadInit is dispatched or when preloader reaches 100% ?
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            Level 7
            The only job that the preload functions control is the display of your
            progress bar. The loadClip() function starts the loading of the new
            clip. Your listener pays attention to the progress of the loading, and
            fires the appropriate functions to control the progress bar's display.

            When you load in the new clip, it will do whatever you told it to do.
            The work of myListener is completely superfluous. You could remove all
            of the myListener functions and the new clip will load exactly the same way.

            You'll need to look at the movieClip that you're loading in to see where
            the problems might be.

            Rob Dillon
            Adobe Community Expert
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              alpeve Level 1
              i thought that my swf would only load only once the progress bar reaches 100. i followed this preloader code from the preloader section of lynda.com in flash 8's essential training. they made it seem like it's good to go, but i'm learning that it may be more complicated than that.
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                alpeve Level 1
                okay, in looking at other questions in the forum, i was able to fix the 2nd problem that i was encountering. i basically just placed the code below to my "container" movie clip and the problem was fixed. however, i am still having the 1st problem happen. i thought the AS that i applied loads the swf once the progress bar reaches 100%. apparently it's not doing that because it starts playing my swf even though the whole swf is still loading.

                this is such a learning experience for me as i am fairly new to flash. so i totally appreciate and am grateful for everyone's answers!!! gracias :)