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    Can't link to .vob files I've already imported... (CS4.2)

    RuesterProd Level 1

      I do have CS4.2 installed.


      I recently had to reinstall Windows7 (changed versions), so I also had to reinstall CS4


      Anyhow, I had created a project and imported some .vob files into it, edited, etc. BUT now when I go back to that project, Premiere tells me that the files are an unsupported format?!


      Can someone help me figure out what might have happened? Or what I can do instead so I don't have to re-edit the whole thing?


      Thanks all,


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Sounds like your full-paid version of PrPro has reverted to the trial. This happens too often.


          As a test, grab either an MPEG AV file, or even an MP3, and try to Import that. Same issue?


          If so, you will want to look to see if you can Deactivate your copy, but feel that it will be grayed out.


          Then, uninstall PrPro, and then run Adobe Clean Script CS4 several times, rebooting between each. Then, reinstall PrPro, and update to CS4.2, before you do anything else.


          Things should be back to normal. As I say, this has happened too often, but there has been no definitive cause.


          Good luck,