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    Comparsion between Flash CS4 and Flex4

    MageshR Level 1

      We are planning to write a new app and we want to use AS3. But we are still confused as to use Flex4 or Flash CS4? The swf files created out of Flex4 are at least twice the size of the comparitive ones out of Flash CS4. We are concerned more abt performance. Even If the swf files are bigger in size, if it will load faster, we are ok with it. So pls give us some directions / suggestions on this.

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          David_F57 Level 5



          There will always be different views on the best path for development. As far as swf sizes I don't think in today's age of broadband that a few hundred k in size will be detrimental to the user's experience if the product is good.


          Flex is a development tool so straight away it has many advantages over the traditional way coding is done in flash. For RIA's there is no comparison flex is the only option, it allows faster development, more manageble code and superior back-end support.


          If you want limited functionality and minimal dynamic interaction then flash(CS4) is a good option otherwise Flex is the best option.



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            MageshR Level 1

            Hi - Thanks for your reply. Am more concerned abt initial download time.