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    Illustrator CS4 won't open


      I recently got a brand new 27 inch Imac, and put CS4 on it. Every program in the suite and even Lightroom work great, EXCEPT illustrator.


      The load screen some on, and when it gets to initializing plug ins "PDF suite" it ALWAYS crashes.


      I've created new users, i've trashed all corrupt and duplicate fonts, i've opened in safe mode and downloaded 3rd party files to clear the font cache, i've deleted the settings folder and the com.adobeblahblah.pls file. I've repaired file permissions. I've installed, reinstalled, and done the same with multiple different dmg files. NOTHING I've read so far works. One thing it HAS done however is make my Airport rather unstable.


      Needless to say, it's insanely frustrating to buy a brand new computer, just to have to still use the old mac book for all designing needs.


      please, any other tips someone has would be incredible. I'm about to throw this off the roof.


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          This is what I would do under these conditions.


          deactivate the suites


          go to Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers and use the removal application to uninstall the suite


          I would then wipe the sytem and reinstall it


          I would then update the system using the software updater


          I would then before installing any thing else install the suite


          then launch Illustrator all should be fine, unless of course you decide not to follow the instruction which means you cannot load your fonts or third party plug ins or system utilities or hacks etc.


          You have to launch Illustrator first. And do nothing else.


          Your third part y stuff and or fonts are causing the problem more that likely after you have successfully launch Illustrator you can load the other stuff. after you load or install a software launch Illustrator to see which one causes the problem then uninstall that app or font and all should be fine.


          That is what I would do.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            The load screen some on, and when it gets to initializing plug ins "PDF suite" it ALWAYS crashes.


            Install/ reinstall Acrobat. As far as I know, SL by default disables all third-party PDF handling and this has some ill effects on Adobe apps. Reinstalling Acrobat with all the latest updates might fix it.



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              I have a MacBook Pro Laptop Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 I was working in Illustrator CS4 today and it was fine. I closed down everything when I was done. It had a quit unexpectedly message come up for some reason but I didn't think much of it. I now try to open Illustrator CS4 and it has the startup initialzing panel that comes up and it opens for a second and then the program shuts down. It was working fine now the program won't open completely.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                It is  possible that you have a conflict such as using an utility like Refog, I think that is what it is called, or the permissions to your preferences got reset somehow.


                Trry Repairing the Permissions with the Disk Utility and/or


                1. Quit Illustrator.
                2.Go to User/username/Library/Preferences/ Adobe illustrator CS4 Settings and trash the settings folder, the whole folder not just the contents of the folder..
                3. Start Illustrator. Illustrator creates a new preferences file.