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    Upgrade problems

    John Hall Level 4

      I have an email into tech support but can't imagine the turnaround right now with the craziness happening. So thought I'd ask if anyone has this issue. I registered as an educational user which got me standard edition. I decided to upgrade Premium, it takes my SN number fine, takes me to register on the web with my Adobe ID, shows premium on the splash screen and all looks fine, I can get into Flexunit testing, which is the main reason for me to upgrade. Change workspace and it reverts back to Standard edition, never to return to Premium, even if I go back to the original, empty workspace under Flashbuilder directory. Any thoughts re: what to look for. I knew unit testing is going to add a bit of time to the coding process but this is getting a bit much to spend four hours installing and uninstalling to get my first assert statement to work. BTW, I do have the Air Beta 2 installed though I took it completely out for one attempt and the same thing occured. Premium on first use of the empty workspace under the program, change to a different workspace, reverts to Standard for good.

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          John Hall Level 4

          I'll be honest, I'm getting a little upset about this after blowing 3 or so hours trying to get Flexunit to run. If someone has any ideas, I'm out of ideas and guess I can try to get a refund. Again, I register for the Premium upgrade. It says I have Premium. I create a completely new workspace, switch to that workspace and I'm back to Standard. What has changed? I've never had problems managing licenses before? Is there some algorithm that I'm missing, like if your code is weak or doesn't display good use of MVC framework, Adobe sets you back to Standard until your techniques improve?

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            John Hall Level 4

            Finally solved my problem, though it was a bit counterintutive. After trying rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling the program and everything else I could think of, I opened the program sequentially twice right after registering and it 'took.' Very frustrating but easy to solve once I found my hidden key.