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    word macro ConvertToPDF absent in Adobe 9? (redirected from windows forum)


      Dear all,


      In VBA I make use of the macro


           Application.Run MacroName:="ConvertToPDF"


      This worked fine in previous  versions of Acrobat. Since an upgrade to Adobe 9 The code fails on this  line.


      I have temporarily solved this by implementing the printout function  in Word to the PDF printer. This has a drawback however: the printer  remembers the location where it last printed. This is impractical in our  environment.


      Which  macro has come in the place of ConvertToPDF? Someone in the Windows forum said it is undocumented and unsupported but it is mighty practical. There are buttons in Word  that can be clicked in order to convert to pdf - however they don't do  the extra tasks that we want to have done before the conversion.