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    help needed - animating multiple characters using nullpanes


      I'm currently working on a system where I animate a character by linking body parts and puppet pins (some using IK) of a character to animating null panes. I do this because I want a group of characters that all use the same animations. For instance: I have a monkey and a frog character that use the same walkcycle animation, jump animation etc.


      My idea with this is to create a workflow where I can easily create additional characters and apply the animations I already made to it by copying the animating null panes to a new .aep and then puppetpinning/IK-ing/linking the bodyparts of the new character to the panes.


      Right now I have set up a couple of characters like this but my problem is I want to revise an animation. I can't simply tweak all the animating null panes and copy it over to the other characters' .aep's because when I delete another character's null panes and replace them with the new versions of them I can't parent the bodyparts to the nullpanes anymore because they don't line up with the pose of the adjusted animation...


      I hope I made what I'm trying to realize clear. I'm not a very experienced AE user and I guess there must be an easier way to set this up. I would very much like to hear any suggestions to my problem and/or workflow.