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    Problems with Robohelp 8 adding underscores to filenames & links


      I have been provided with 156 word documents that are all interlinked to be converted into a Robohelp project.


      The problem is that all of them have spaces in their name ie. "1.01 - Intro.doc", "1.02 Struct.doc", and once all the word docs are imported into Robohelp 8 all the links are broken (they are still trying to link to .doc files and are absolute links).


      We had a plan to fix this by running a macro that would change .doc to .html in the links and remove the absolute path, but of course Robohelp 8 adds underscores to any spaces in the file names so the links are still broken. Does anyone have any solutions or would we just have to manually relink everything?


      Thanks in advance,