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    breaking transitions

    retardomontalban Level 1

      Hi all --


      I'm having an issue where I don't know if FC is broken or I did things wrong.  I am trying to create a site that has a simple portfolio. I dummied up a layout that basically has three states; each with a different photo on it. Below the photos I have buttons that represent which photo you've chosen; the currently selected photo is represented by a gray button and the other photos are orange buttons.


      Here's small test site:




      So the problem is that the transitions happy nice and smooth if I gently glide over the buttons and allow the transitions to fully transpire. But If I swipe across the buttons more quickly, the whole project breaks down and the buttons start to dissapear. Is this an FC bug or did I do something wrong? Is this happening when other people try the porfolio? I check in firefox and chrome; same problem.