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    Adobe reader opens multiple files instead of one


      After loading Adobe Reader onto my new Laptop with Windows 7, it has started to open every pdf on my hard drive that I have previously opened, when I try to open any single file.  It was annoying, but now it is opening 20 files at once, not even when I click to open a file, but when I navigate to a folder on my desktop that contains pdfs.  It.s really freaking annoying and I can not find any solution to my froblem.  Can anyone help? If I cannot fix it, I will be forced to try to find an alternative program and I like Adobe Reader.  I have tried updating, which works fine but does not fix my problem, and also uninstalling and reinstalling.


      Any thoughts?


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          370H55V Level 4

          I had this problem in Windows 7 too. Unfortunately, Windows 7 caused about a thousand other problems as well and I eventually took it off of the laptop.


          I read that a disk cleanup can possibly resolve this and removing the history of recently opened documents might help too.


          Right click the start button and choose Properties. Under Start Menu (General Tab) there's a button to clear the history of recently opened programs and documents.


          I never got to try these because Windows 7 screwed up so much stuff on my laptop I just got rid of it before I smashed the (perfectly good) hardware in frustration.

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            ilovevolcanoesnz Level 1

            Thanks for that.  Unfortunately, I can't find that button you mentioned in the preferences of the start menu but I tried running  disk clean up and it didn't stop it.  It's very odd.  Windows 7 has been out for a while and I can't believe Adobe hasn't figured this out.  I'm about to start work on my PhD and will be opening hundreds of pdfs...  I hope not all at the same time.


            Anyone have any other suggestions?