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    unneeded processes


      I've been reading the advice to "shut down unneeded processes", but which ones are they?


      So I just ran across this website - http://www.tasklist.org/ - that describes various processes and what they do.


      I'd like to find a site that says "you don't need THIS one, you DO need this one"...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Windows 7 Service Configurations by Black Viper


          This only relates to services, Use Process Explorer to investigate what processes are running and if it is more than 40 - 50, you need to clean up a bit. If you don't know which ones, post a screen shot and I'll look them over.

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            joe bloe premiere Level 5

            I feel sure that many users of this forum will be embarking on ground-up system builds with Win7 64 over the next few months.

            After several years of nuking/rebuilding OS & software on varying systems using XP 32, I have developed (as I am sure others have done) my own set of sequential steps for optimum OS tweaks before and after installing Adobe software on XP.

            This methodology has been evolved from sometimes painful trial and error, without an absolute roadmap to follow.

            The service tweaks listed in the link above are a good start, and I know that the devices installed on individual workstations

            are a variable that can not be globally defined, but if there were a list of "enable this/disable that/ basic OS setups that are optimum for CS5, it would be helpful.

            Does such a thing exist?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              A very basic and rudimentary guide is in the last link here: How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...


              Although it mentions Vista 64, it largely applies to Win7-64 as well.

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                joe bloe premiere Level 5

                Thanks, I've been through that guide... I agree it's "basic and rudimentary".

                I feel sure I am not the only one who has developed and logged for future re-use a sequential series of installation events for a clean, unencumbered OS setup optimized for PPro2 on XP.  I guess I am looking for a shortcut for Win 7 64.

                Thanks anyway.

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  I guess I am looking for a shortcut for Win 7 64.


                  I am looking for this info in a single place as well. I have a new 64 bit  (I7-930) machine ready to play with next week.


                  I have read the 'Harm Threads' which are very helpful (thanx) but 64bit,&Windows 7 are totally new factors to me and questions like "hyperthreading ?"  will arise.

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                    joe bloe premiere Level 5

                    Perhaps some industrious forum member will create a step-by-step "optimized OS setup"

                    through their own trial and error / multiple rebuilds of Win7 64 and installing Adobe CS5 software.

                    Or... maybe Adobe themselves will?

                    Until then... happy configging (and re-configging).

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                      Dag Norum Level 2

                      Shoorterrnz, Craig,


                      "One place" is probably not going to happen, because one size doesn't fit all.


                      But one thing that's going to be nice is that Harm is around when the CS5/64b ballet is starting.


                      Even though Harm's keyboard sometimes has an Xnor gate working quite well




                      EDIT: The "one size" reminds me about the hair cutting machine:


                      - Just stick your head into that hole, and your hair will be cut.


                      - Eh, but everybody doesn't have the same head-shape...


                      - Oh with time they will!