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    FluorineFx MessageBroker.GetMessageBroker(null) returns null




      The other web resources looks dead, thats why posting here.


      I have the following problem:


      I'm sending messages from .Net to the flex application. For that I'm using




      msgBroker = MessageBroker.GetMessageBroker(null);

      It works fine when in services-config.xml I'm defining only one service:









      service id="message-service" class="flex.messaging.services.MessageService" messageTypes="flex.messaging.messages.AsyncMessage">





      But when I'm adding one more service method return null and I'm not able to send any messages:





      service id="remoting-service" class="flex.messaging.services.RemotingService" messageTypes="flex.messaging.messages.RemotingMessage">


      If someone have any idea, please help.


      Thank you.

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          Steve Pruitt

          I am having the same issue.  Except, I get a null MessageBroker with only one service defined.  I took the example code provided in the Using LifCycle Dataservices manual under Pushing Messages from the server section.


          I, too, would appreciate if someone can shed some light on this issue.  I can only guess there is additional configuration needed that is not completely clear in the existing documentation.