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    How do I authenticate Update Notices?


      A web acquaintence who I will call Lew recently suffered a hijacking which required a reformat and reinstallation of Windows. He believes that the worm was delivered in the form of malware masquerading as an Adobe Reader update.


           Lew described the notification which popped up in his system tray as a perfect imitation of the real thing.  I wondered why I was receiving spam from his email account, then he went silent for a week.


           On March 13 I downloaded and Installed Adobe Reader 8. Now I have an update notification in my system tray. The updater appears as

      Adobe Acrobat Speed Launcher.ink C:\Windows\Installer\{AC76BA86-1033-0000-7760-000000000002}\SC_Acrobat.exe


      in the startup list.


           How can I be certain that it is a genuine Adobe update, not a worm trying to sneak in?

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          370H55V Level 4

          Adobe Acrobat Speed Launcher is a worm according to dozens of forums and A/V sites

          http://www.google.com/search?q=Adobe+Acrobat+Speed+Launcher.ink+C%3A\Windows\Installer\{AC76BA86-1033-0000-7760-000000000002}\SC_Acrobat.exe&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozi lla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a


          I've never seen a notification from my system tray for a Reader update.

          The Adobe Updater will open IN A WINDOW and advise me that it is checking for updates.


          That said, let me ask you this


          Do you have antivirus software installed?

          Have you run a system scan?


          If you answered no to either or both, you need to get antivirus software (like AVG free) and install it. Then run a complete system scan. If this is indeed a worm, as it appears it is, AVG will find it and quarantine it.


          As a rule, I always click Help and Check for Updates to update ANY of my Adobe software. I never rely on

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            BCP4 Level 1

            Thank you for this very prompt and thorough response! I am running  updated versions of Zone Alarm and AVG, which I swear by and prefer to others I have tried.  I am also using Norton System Works Basic 7 and Advanced System Care Pro.  I used CCleaner to check the startup file.


            I will now follow-up with that link you so kindly posted.

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              370H55V Level 4

              My persoanl experience:


              Zone Alarm misses a lot of things. It also hampers performance on the web.

              I have had to reformat seven systems for other people due to problems with Norton software. I'd recommend uninstalling and staying several ten foot poles' length away from ANY Symantec products.


              I just repaired a system last month that had WebRoot and it let a nasty variant of Conficker infect the system because of outdated definitions.


              I've never experienced that with AVG.


              Also, running two different Antivirus programs at the same time is a big mistake. AVG warns of it when you install. Working in the same system at the same time, they will work against each other and you end up with less protection than with one or the other by itself.


              Symantec software will actually identify AVG as a virus in some cases and try to quarantine it.


              My opinion is AVG is the better of the two and the ONE you should stick with.

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                BCP4 Level 1

                I once had Norton AV on my Compaq, which runs ME. It was a system dragger. Then they orphaned ME and I switched to AVG, who eventually orphaned ME and I switched to Avast, which drags and whose software update routine can't copy required files. .


                The Norton Utilities proved to be a life saver in DOS, and Windows 98. I am well satisfied with System Works 2001, but it will not run on XP.  That is why I hunted on Ebay for a cheap 7th ed.   I bought the Basic Ed, which does not include the AV.  The old ver. of Diskdoctor was extremely useful, but the new ver. just invokes ChkDsk.


                I ran a scan with AVG and it reported no spyware or viruses. Hijack This did not find anything bad either.