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    Flash drawings disappear on stage


      I'm hoping there is a very simple answer to this.  Indeed, I'm hoping somebody will say "Hey newbie, you forgot to turn on X"


      I'm attempting to learn flash using Adobe CS4.  I've found some really good tutorials, but I can't use them because every time I draw something on the stage, the resultant drawing disappears immediately after I release the mouse.  Since I can't see it, I can't select and manipulate it.


      I've searched and search, but all I can find is suggestion to install updates.  I did that as recently as yesterday.


      I captured the behavior and stuck it on youtube.  I don't have a mike on this system so there's no sound. 



      If I create the file with ActionScript 2.0 instead of 3.0, I get outlines of the objects, but not the objects themselves. That's not on the vid, but I'd rather use 3.0 anyway.


      Thanks for any help.