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    action window without popup help


      Hi there,

      Im using Flash CS4 since few days creating actionscript 3 files. Inserting the code, like for example related

      to a textbox component, when I write down the instance name of my textbox (myTextBox) I'm expecting to see after the dot (myTextBox.) an automatic pop-up menu with all the properties related to that instance allowing me to choice the one I need.

      Well, It does not appear anything. Every time I have to find out by myself on the manual what kind of properties are allowed by the specific object.

      Is that normal ? Do I have to set any stuff in the "Preferences" ?

      I have Flash CS4 Professional V10 on a Apple Mac.

      Thanks in advance



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          There is a Properties window for that purpose. If you don't have the Properties window open, open it from the Windows menu. When you select any item on the stage, including the stage, you will then see the various properties that apply to that object in the Properties window.

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            pm_on_mac Level 1

            Hi Rob,


            Thanks for answering.


            Actually I don't find any of the properties (maybe is the wrong word, better methods...) I need. (see 1.png).


            For sure I wasn't able to explain clearly what I need:

            If you have a look to the file 2.png , I put a red arrow near the dot. There I was expecting to have

            a pop-up menu with all the methods allowed with the object. That's the problem. I don't see anything.


            I probably solved yesterday night declaring my textarea (var scrollText:TextArea; )

            After doing that, the pop-up is magically appearing...


            I didn't believe was necessary to declare the object since it was created using the CS4 gui

            and not from a full actionscript code.


            I guess I need to study a little bit the manual before posting


            Thanks once more









            Paolo Maggioni  AAA