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    Measuring Performance Of CSS Optimizations?

    Suntower Level 1



      I'm relatively new to CSS and standards-based coding. I've been trying like crazy to get all my sites compliant and I am beginning now to wonder about optimizations for speed of execution. Things like...

      1. Making class names shorter

      2. Removing obsolete classes from style sheets


      ...and so on.


      Are there some commonly used metrics for decided whether or not this sort of thing is 'worth it'. ie. how -much- it improves performance to remove an obsolete class that is, say 100 chars long. I know I'm being vague, but I maintain many sites---some have very little traffic and some a lot (well--to me it's a lot). This sort of clean up is very time consuming so I'm just trying to figure out what will give the most bang for buck. It's hard for me to judge because of all the variables: different ISPs, # of users, size of site, size of stylesheets, size of pages, etc.


      Any general thoughts?