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    Flex Video Chat

    Amosl Level 1

      Hi... I am new to flex and am looking to learn a few things.  As a project, I am looking to build a 1-on-1 video chat program.  essentially I want to recreate chat roulette.  This is a test project, but I intend to publish it on the web for open use and do not want it to crash because I have a couple hundred users.  Even though there may be a few hundred people using it, each person will only be communicating with one other person.  Since I have no budget, I cannot really afford FMS so would like it to be completely peer to peer.  Can anyone point me in the right direction for creating this site and/or recommend some books for learning how to build a good scalable peer to peer app in Flex?


      Also if you can give me an idea as to the complexity of such a site that would be helpful. I am new to flash but have a good amount of programming experience.