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    need help with flv player code...




      I'm a total newb with code but was given this code to work with to make my

      flv player in Macromedia Flash MX 2004 (Educational version) work with my
      corresponding video; however,

      when I go to test it, the script error box pops up saying:

      Errors 1
      The Class FLVPlayback could not be loaded


      Here's the full code I was helped out with:




      import fl.video.*;


      var flvPlayer:FLVPlayback = new FLVPlayback();


      flvPlayer.skin = "./SkinUnderPlaySeekMute.swf"
      flvPlayer.source = "/ISPRYSN2.flv";


      Any ideas? Does MX 2004 not support the FLVPlayback ref?

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          Rothrock Level 5

          That code is partially AS3, which won't work in Flash MX2004.


          Additionally do you have MX2004 or MX2004 pro? If you have the pro version then you should be able to work with the MediaDisplay or MediaPlayback components. If you don't have the pro version then I think you will need to make your own player, which is a lot of work.

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            PinkW Level 1

            No, I only have MX2004, no pro.


            I just need the code to make this work in this crappy version I got.

            If you can reply with the code to make it work, I'd pay you $50

            via Paypal...


            Otherwise, it's looking like I might have to upgrade, which I really,

            really don't want to do..ugh
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              Rothrock Level 5

              Didn't we cover this in one of your previous threads...


              Here is a working player. It doesn't have a progress bar or scrubber. But it took me all of 10 seconds to find using google.


              http://www.swinburne.edu.au/design/tutorials/P-flash/T-How-to-load-FLV-videos-into-Flash/I D-130/


              Use the search terms "Flash netstream tutorial AS2" to find more. There is probably a free player out there for you. Flash MX04 is also the same as Flash 7, so you need to look for things that will work there.

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                PinkW Level 1

                We did partially cover this topic in a previous thread, but the tutorial
                I was given at that time was incomplete and I wasn't able to get the
                'netstream' way of doing it to work per that specific tutorial.


                I did get a great link in that thread for an upgrade, but it's just way too
                expensive for me to upgrade at this point.


                I'll check out this vid tutorial and let ya know if I get it to work with this
                one, so far it's looking prety instructional..

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                  PinkW Level 1

                  this video tutorial covers the Mediacomponent thing, not the Netstream thing.
                  The Netstream thing it does provide is just a downloadable file already coded
                  and setup for some example video file, which I cannot understand since the
                  tutorial doesn't walk you through anything to understand how they got to the

                  final finished project.


                  Isn't there anyone on this forum who can just give me an instruction on how
                  to do the Netstream process for an flv player STEP BY STEP with the
                  corresponding code in the steps? That's all I'm asking, and heck, I'd even
                  pay you for it if it works..you can't beat that.

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                    PinkW Level 1

                    my video object is called myVideo btw, and is set to 320 X 240...


                    The name of my file is ISPRYSN2.flv


                    Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to walk me through the steps and the code..