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    Resizing all pages


      I have a mockup and I'm trying to resize all pages including the master page.  When I tell it to resize, it resizes the master page once for every single page--e.g., if I have 8 pages and scale them down by 50%, the master page ends up being scaled down to 1/256th of the original size.  If I resize the pages individually, the master page gets shrunk for the first one and then on the second it's the wrong size and it'll get shrunk again.  Is there some other way to do this?

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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee

          Can you try the following?

          Link all child pages. This is possible only when there is a child page alongwith master page in the document. Linking is done via selecting the child page and using the menu item under the Pages panel menu.


          Now resize only the master page. As the child pages are linked, they will inherit the master page canvas size settings. Any unlinked page, will be left undisturbed.


          When a child page is linked, the canvas color of the master page is also inherited alongwith the optimize settings. Any change in the optimize setting, canvas color or size from the child pahe will unlink the child page automatically.



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            haloedrain Level 1

            Thanks, but it's still resizing the master too many times, only now it does it when "current page only" is checked, too.

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              Linus Lim Level 1

              i do not see this behaviour when
              child pages are link to master.


              it should append down the commands and resize all

              the master page looks identical to child pages