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    CS5 Free Upgrade - Disappointed in Adobe


      I have been a loyal and legit Adobe customer since 2001 upgrading to the new product suites on a on-going basis. I upgraded to Adobe CS4 Production Premium in December 2009 (4 months ago) through Adobe sales and they failed to mention to me that CS5 would be coming out in April. If I knew that CS5 was coming out in 4 months I would have waited. Anyways, I contacted Adobe customer service asking if I would be eligible for a free upgrade and they said no because I don't fit the criteria. I asked what the criteria was and they guy said he didn't know, brilliant customer service. They said that if I wanted to upgrade that it would be $600.00. Are you kidding me???? I just spent almost $1000 upgrading to CS4 4 months ago and now I have to spend another $600.00 when I could have waited and upgraded to CS5 at the same cost of the CS4 upgrade and I would have waited if I knew....


      I asked to speak to a manager and I was told that I can't. I was told that the only way I could try to address this problem is through this forum. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I expected more from a company as large as Adobe. Customer issues are dealt with through a public forum??? Anyways, the person I spoke with said the managers check this forum so I'm hoping that I can actually get in touch with someone at Adobe to deal with my problem.



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          What I don't understand is this...


          I've used Adobe products at work, but am starting a big project that I would like to work on at home as well.  I have finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase a suite for my home computer.


          Of course, I waited patiently until April 12th to make my purchase, expecting that CS5 would be shipping sooner than 1 month from now, or that they would at least allow a free upgrade if purchasing CS4 after the announcement.  Otherwise, they're stopping all sales dead in their tracks for an entire month.


          Well, I went on the customer service chat to see if I could purchase CS4 today and get a free upgrade... I was told to purchase CS4 and then come back to customer service after CS5 ships to discuss an upgrade.  And then he tried to push me over to the sales department to buy CS4.  I found the answer kind of cryptic, so I asked flat out, "Are you saying that if I purchase CS4 today, on April 13th, that you will give me a free upgrade to CS5 when it ships?"  Their response was, "No, I cannot guarantee a free upgrade."


          I asked, "So I should just wait until CS5 ships to purchase or use any Adobe product?"


          He said, "Yes, you should wait until next month."


          I found this whole exchange very weird.  I'll be wrapping up my project next month, so my incentive to actually purchase a suite at all will be greatly diminished for the time being.


          I do feel bad for the people that purchased before the announcement, but I understand that they have to draw a free upgrade line somewhere.  I'm just thoroughly confused as to why they are not offering a free upgrade solution at all, especially for those people like me... who want to make a purchase in this window between announcement and shipping.

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            Ok, so I bought the CS4 Production Premium on January 18, 2010. I chose to buy it at this time because nobody knew when CS5 was coming out and I needed it for school. I do not understand why they didn't inform me that CS5 would be coming out in less than three months. I mean come on! They could have let the people who were buying CS4 this close to the release date know! I am so freak'n pissed that I won't even be getting a free or even a discounted upgrade. At least give a descent discount price for us poor smucks. Adobe has no idea how much they screwed their customers. I just hope they come to their senses about this whole matter.

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              I myself am being screwed by Adobe's upgrade policies as I purchased my CS4 upgrade on Feb 5th, 2010 (and have been a loyal upgrading customer since Photoshop 5.5)  Why would I, in any state of mind, upgrade had I known a new version was coming out so soon?  Think about it Adobe.  You know you are purposely screwing your loyal customers with this policy and will rapidly loose them based upon these actions.


              Please advertise to everyone you know about Adobe's deceptive ant-customer policies on upgrades.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, personal blogs, cnet, slashdot, Digg, etc.


              While you are at it, contact both your local Attorney General's office and the califronia AG office to file a formal complaint.


              California Attorney General's office is located at: http://www.ag.ca.gov/


              Enough is enough Adobe.  This hard-line stance of pay-up or go away does not work anymore.  At a minimum there should be a sliding upgrade scale or some sort of concession for customers who recently upgraded.

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                I understand everyone's frustration.  But when adobe start sending discounts, like in December and February, do your due diligence to find out where the product cycle is... I desperately need cs4 right now, and for the past few months, but I searched the forums and figured the upgrade was on it's way.  They have been offering CS5 betas to some on some products, so that's a good hint also....

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                  This is the predicament I'm in as well.  I bought CS4 on Nov 18th, when I bought my first Mac...and now Adobe is making me regret the decision.  Is there student pricing available for upgrades?  I am going into photography, but I'm still in school and can't afford to pay the hundreds of dollars to upgrade.  Adobe, please tell me there is a solution.

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                    What does CS5 offer that CS4 doesn't?  Are there missing features that you're sol without?  I know there are differences but are they that earth-shattering?  Not to say that I don't understand your frustration, I'm just trying to maybe help you get through this if Adobe doesn't give you the free upgrade.  Because yeah they should have told you but I'd guess that these guys have sales goals or quotas or bonuses and so there's no incentive to kill a sale.


                    Btw, I got stuck paying for an upgrade that I wasn't even eligible for and then couldn't install.  This was back in the day before Adobe was as clear on their download pages as they are now.  And it took forever to get my refund.

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                      fdooman Level 1

                      I just placed my order for the free CS5 Master collection. My upgrade date from CS3 Master Collection to CS4 Master Collection was 04-14-2010.

                      I should receive the CS5 around May 7.

                      I always had faith in Adobe. Today, I had one of the best cusomer service experience.

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                        mnapiork2 Level 1

                        You purchased your upgrade to CS4 after they announced that CS5 was being released... I find this post very suspicious...


                        Do you work for Adobe?

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                          fdooman Level 1

                          mnapiork2 wrote:


                          You purchased your upgrade to CS4 after they announced that CS5 was being released... I find this post very suspicious...


                          Do you work for Adobe?

                          I wish I did work for Adobe. Don't be suspicious of my post. Pick up the phone and call the Customer Service. If you purchased your CS4 upgrade within the window, you will get your CS5 upgrade for free. Please, Please, stay positive.

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                            Yes this is total BS. Adobe want's another $600 when I just barely started using CS4? My boss will get me what I need, I just don't see the value right now. They (Adobe) have this same outrage each upgrade and choose to ignore it. I talked to customer service and sales and they all say the same thing. $600 is the price, no further discount lots of "sorry".


                            After awhile we all roll over and take it.


                            Can someone point me to some design software alternatives?

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                              gman_01 Level 1

                              That's just it guys. Can anyone say "Anti-Trust"? This is the result of our (the U.S.) justice system outright closing it's eyes and allowing the leading Design Software provider to BUY UP  IT'S ONLY REAL COMPETITION!!!


                              Could somebody please explain to me how this was even considered legal?


                              Try to name one alternate Design Software company for the industry. Which program does it make? The closest you can get is the poor showing from the free/open-source software efforts, which no actual design firms use; even though it's free... Sound suspiciously like it's not competitive?

                              That's because it just isn't. I've tried out almost every free/opensource alternative out there. They just don't even come close. Only programers who are non-designers seem to disagree.


                              Adobe apparently used some lobbying magic (money?) and some reeaaally suspicious logic  (like saying "We need to buy our competition so we can compete with Microsoft in the Office Software world!") to push the sale of Macromedia through. And I heard not even a peep from the Design or Tech world. Didn't anyone see this coming? You set up a monopoly and you get business practices like these! Is anyone surprised?


                              Sorry. I imagine Adobe will prune this post really quickly but it is ON TOPIC! Why? Because if we wanted to try comparing licensing practices to an industry competitor, THERE AREN'T ANY!!!!


                              What if we feel these licensing practices are unfair but happen to work in the graphics world. We can do little at the moment but vent our frustrations on message boards and continue to send money to companies who can now care very little what we want or don't want. They get our money regardless.


                              So, if we want licensing practices that are decent, we may need to do some stink raising among other sectors where people care about business practices being open and fair.


                              Until then, Adobe can just come on here and lecture anyone who doesn't like their policies to "get in line".

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                                sbrewer2000 Level 1

                                Yeah, hate to use the "M" word but it would seem they are missing an opportunity here. Maybe it's small potatoes for them?

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                                  I've had the same issue and the same response. In my case, I was a mere 9 days away from the cut-off. Adobe was also very unwiling to understand that they had created a situtation where the value of their product had decreased significantly for me. In a mere month, I went from having the latest verision to having an outdated one, and to upgrade they generously offered me the $599 upgrade.


                                  For those of you asking what the big deal is in having the lastest version, it's frankly all about the support and upgrades for both bugs and security issues. Older versions don't typically get much attention there.


                                  I am very unhappy with both Adobe and Adobe support and frankly wish I hadn't bought the product.

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                                    Gregory BN

                                    I'm sorry to hear the tales of woe from you other Adobe customers. I've been there and done that. I suspect that most Adobe customers have experienced that hated technique that Adobe uses to get more money from you. Mine happened years ago, while upgrading a version of Photoshop right before the new one was released. I was so angry that I decided to use another company's product, and I did for a while. However, I had invested so much time in learning the Adobe product that I was hooked.


                                    So, I arrived at what I consider to be a reasonable plan of action. I keep track of the release dates of Adobe products. If the current version of Adobe suite has been out for more than a year (you can actually be safe for longer than that), then I won't buy it. Also, I have decided to only buy every OTHER version of the Adobe Suites (i.e. CS3, CS5, etc.), unless I have a real need for something. I have also learned to evaluate the improvements in each new version, and try the trial software to determine if there really are enough changes to be worth the investment. I might just skip new versions for even longer.


                                    I am glad that I learned this ugly lesson early, when the prices were much lower. I'm sorry to hear that Adobe customers are still experiencing this kind of treatment. You live, you learn, and you adapt.

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                                      chirp88 Level 1
                                      it's frankly all about the support and upgrades for both bugs and security issues

                                      Well, don't feel too bad. The brand new releases don't get much attention for bug fixes either. I've been waiting for several bug fixes in Illustrator CS3 for years now, so looks like they just roll them into the next release instead. That's what separates smaller software companies from big bloated ones like Adobe, is that customer support is top notch. You email a smaller software vendor about a bug and it's usually fixed within a week. Adobe won't fix it until Adobe CS6 comes out and then make you pay for it if you want the fix.

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                                        Kevin 3G

                                        Adobe is not going to prune any of these comments because they do not even look at them. They know we will come and say what we have to say and maybe even come back once or twice. Then we will leave and never come back and that is how they want it.


                                        It is how America works so you might as well just live with it or dont buy it. They will still make millions even if the few that have had issues dont buy into their monopoly.