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    Exporting to Media Encoder


      I have a problem with Media Encoder, so I guess this is the best place to ask.


      I have a PAL DV project, 4x3, 720x576 pixels size.  I want to encode it as a flv Flash file.  However, when I send it to Media Encoder, whilst it sees a source file of 720x576, it insists that the output should be 788x576.  If I reduce the width to 720, naturally the height decreases to 526.  The spec I have to provide for the web is 720 wide flv, but if I encode at 720x526 apparently it produces malformed metadata and cannot be used.  Bit rate has to be 1000kb/s which I can set without problem.


      Anyone know why ME insists that the width is 788 when everything else says 720?  Also, where can I find the metadata and is it possible to correct it?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Hit the resize button and unclick the proportion lock button.



          Tip: View the Out Put TAB to see the effect of what you are doing.

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            Trooperhill Level 1

            Thanks shooternz.  I have actually tried that, but when I look at the output window I then have black bars top and bottom, which implies it is being vertically compressed.  Also as I have to make a 360 pixels wide version it makes the calculation a pain.


            Really what concerns me is why Media Encoder insists on interpreting a 720x576 project as 788x576 in the first place when encoding to Flash flv.  Why the extra 68 pixels?  Are they something to do with a Flash frame format?