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    Problem in dreamweaver - image file and swf file.


      Hi friends.....nice to be here.


      Ahnm, lets start from the beginning! J I am new here and my english isnt so good, but i´ll try to explain what was happening with my webpage using Dreamweaver CS3 and a swf file…..Im sure that for most of you it’s a basic problem with a basic solution, but I didn’t find one…..and I´m new to CS3 too ! J


      I´m creating a simply webpage using 2 frames: Top frame and main frame, but my problem was in top frame.


      I created an image (like a banner) to fill this frame, not background, an image with name company, phone number etc…..My intention was to put some buttons (using flash) in this image……..but NOT in all image…, so I split the image in two….half jpeg file, half a swf file…….joining this images on dreamweaver later…..


      So, on dreamweaver works great……there everthing works perfect…..but on I.E, an BORDER appears, separating the two images


      Well…..better than words, here is the images:


      On dreamweaver





      On I.E. (my problem)




      Guys, I´m sure that was an easy solution………. I hope someone can help me


      Sorry for my english J