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    Not playing video premiere elements 7


      I'm starting out with a .AVI file captured on my Nikon D300s.   I have premiere elements 7.


      When I open the video (before any editing in Premiere) in Windows Media Player, everything is fine - I have audio and video.  Same thing when I open in QuickTime - everything is fine.


      I opened in premier elements, and the video plays fine.  I edit the video, save and go to "Share".   I select PC and choose the MPEG option.

      The preset is NTSC DVD Standard.

      When opening the Advanced option the Export video & Export Audio options are checked.  In Mulitplexer I have DVD selected.


      When I Save this and then go to open the file in Windows Media Player, the audio plays but no video.  When I try to open this in QuickTime I get:

      Error - 2048 Couldn't open the file video1.mpg because it is not a file that QuickTime understands


      If I save it as a windows media it opens in WMP just fine with audio and video.


      Why can't I save this as an MPEG?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          As a test, you can download the great free utility, G-SPOT, to test your MPEG file. It will give you the full details, though they should not differ from the settings for MPEG-2, that you chose in Export/Share. Still, it pays to check, when things do not work, as they should.


          Also, there are two great free players, VLC Player and MediaPlayer HC, that have zero issues playing almost anything. I'd download and install one of those, trying your MPEG file.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I just did a test Share to MPEG, at your settings, and the Quality set to 5. Everything worked perfectly in WMP 11, VLC Player and MediaPlayer Classic HC, and I got the same error in QT Pro 7.5.5, that you did.


            Here is my G-Spot screen, with the file in it:


            How does G-Spot see your file? If you look to the lower-left, you'll see some squares with numbers. I'd hit the Video Render button #1 "Vid," and look to the right for messages. Then, hit #2, and look for messages. If no messages, hit #3 to play in G-Spot's little player.


            Good luck,