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    Flex 4 - Buttons not Fading In / Out

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      I'm using Flash Builder 4 to do a simple fade effect for a panel:

          <mx:Fade duration="500" id="FadeEffect"/>

              <mx:Panel showEffect="FadeEffect" hideEffect="FadeEffect" visible="true" headerHeight="8" borderThickness="0" y="0" width="930" height="623" layout="absolute" backgroundColor="#000000" backgroundAlpha="0.99" id="PanelDarkCover" horizontalCenter="0">
                   <mx:Button themeColor="#00FF0C" label="Close" id="ButtonClosePicture" click="ButtonClosePicture_Click()" y="562" color="#000000" fontFamily="Papyrus" fontSize="13" enabled="true" fillAlphas="[1.0, 1.0]" fillColors="[#C7FFC4, #99FF94, #E3FFE2, #BBFFB9]" horizontalCenter="0"/>


      The panel itself, the images on the panel, and the button fade in an out just fine.


      However, the button's label ("Close") does not fade out, and just disappears when everything is done fading.  On fade in, it just appears when the panel starts to fade in, and doesn't fade the way that it should.  This behavior is the same for both LinkButtons and regular Buttons.


      Is there something else that I need to do to get the button text to fade properly?