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    ColumnSeries fill color change fails

    Bertrand G.



      I have a chart with column series that are populated dataprovider and for which the color is set in a separate CSS file.

      My software allows to dynamically change the CSS (compiled as SWF) and apply the changes.



      - the first time the chart is drawn, the styles are applied

      - but if I change the style, without recreating a new graph, the bars disappear (but I can still see the tooltips). Then if I discard the graph and draw it again, then the style with the new color for the bars is correctly applied.


      More info:

      * CSS files, all with different colors, here is an example:


           fills:#5B7A40, #5B7A40;


      I also tried to use the 'fill' property instead of 'fills'... same thing happen

      * styleSheet toggle function:


      public function toggleStyleSheet(styleSheetName:String):void {

           myStyleManager.unloadStyleDeclarations(currCSSName, false);

           currCSSName = styleSheetName;

           myStyleManager.loadStyleDeclarations(styleSheetName, true);


      So is there something I should in order for the change to take effect? It works with a CircleItemRenderer for plotChart, I don't know why it should be any different for this!!
      Any ideas?