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    Question: Does Captivate Have an audio problem in Win 7?


      I have just installed Captivate on my new Dell notebook computer. Recording sound, opening .wav or .mp3 files is impossible and gives me an "Unable to decode and import selected wav/mp3 file" message. Even the sound files in the libarary give me the same error message when I try to open them. Is this a problem of OS incompatability or something else?

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          Are you talking about version 4 of Captivate? If so, did you install the update released in May 2009 (can be accessed using Help, Updates)? This solved some audio issues. I do use CP4 on a Win7 laptop but it is 32-bit. I heard on this forum that there are some issues with Win7 64-bit. You'll have to run CP4 as Administrator. Another workaround is using XP-compatibility mode.



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            Please try to register 'NSAudio.dll' file. This can be done using following steps -

            1. Close Adobe Captivate application.

            2. Open command prompt in administrator mode. This can be done by going to Start > Accessories > right click on 'command prompt' > run as adminsistrator'

            3. In command prompt, go to the Adobe Captivate installer folder. Generally it is located at <home dir>/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Captivate 4/

            4. Enter the command - "regsvr32 NSAudio.dll". Hit ENTER

            5. Now enter the command "regsvr32 WaveEditCtrl.ocx". Hit ENTER


            You should get a message saying 'registration successful'. Please try to launch Captivate and execute your audio workflows.Hope this helps.


            Also please note that Adobe Captivate 4 is not officially supported on Win 7 but it works most of the times.