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    Catalyst Crash




      Has anyone experienced constant crashes? Especially if the project has more than three states?


      Is there any way to increase the local cache or empty cache of catalyst?




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          I have the same kind of problems, when I'm trying to be a bit fast catalyst crash ... Obviously nothing to do without waiting for a new beta, work slowly and save your work regulary.

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            web2miles Level 1

            I had a similar issue, for me, I had a crash when adding lots of button over state changes in a row when creating navigation, also received an out of memory error then crash, also had a crash when catalyst told me I had too many assetts!

            I have the same advice... SAVE regularly.

            But even then, who noticed that when saving, the file you save, when navigating to the folder after a save, does not have the catalyst logo and looks like a file that wont open and in my case; once or twice didnt open.

            I experienced my first crash and thought, ok... ill do it all again and save lots inbetween working, so I did all the button changes, saved, kept working, saved, kept working... CrASH!   Whent to open the saved file and it wouldnt open! Bummer!!

            After that I did 'save as' instead and kept naming the file something different and did a set of folders so I could try different files at different points of the design if it crashed.


            Since that night its been pretty good, the file inside the folder after saving still doesnt have a catalyst icon but does open if i select it from the catalyst welcome screen after catalyst has started.


            Despite the crashes, I can see it is gonna be fantastic software... I have been designing screen layouts in photoshop for years and want more than anything to design and build a bit of software to run my business but just cant learn flex, cant stand reading, dont have time to dedicate to watching video training and also have a bit of learning difficulty so find learning code a complete block; its a nightmare! So cant wait till mid may when i can buy catalyst and turn my photoshop designs into pages!


            I have one complaint... I have built a user interface with components inside components to keep everything grouped together. I want to build a datalist, which is a list of customers, with a series of 6 buttons on the datalist line, so you find your customer and then click the button to go to different sections of that customer activity... but it seems to me that when you make buttons, they can only navigate to states of the component you are inside, Not to states of 'other' components.   Frustrating if you want to build intuitive navigation and functionality and go from one bit of an app to another.