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    export from Flex?

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      Not sure if I put this in the right place, but here it goes again...

      I have just looked at the informative videos on the adobe web site. I see how cool it is and easy to display data. At work I have some extremely complex reports which are pushing my ASP expertise to the limits. From what I've seen, I'd love to use Flex to display these reports as they will server two purposes, displaying the data and display it in a graphic (like charts). My question, can I add a link in a flex page(?) to export the data and charts to a PDF for printing or saving?

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          We have very complex reports to generate from flex/flex data services which comes from our back end java/database and are trying to solve this as well. The adobe rep that came in a month or so ago explained briefly that LDS exposes multiple ways to display reports so we are hoping for some insight here :)