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    Charts and transparent BitmapFills?


      Hello, using bitmaps with an alpha channel I ran into a problem: I'm trying to use a bitmap (in PNG-format, an alpha channel is set) as a mx:BitmapFill:


      <mx:ColumnChart> ...
          <mx:series> ...
                      <mx:BitmapFill source"@Embed(source='rscs/fillbitmap.png')"/>


      In an example you can see that the alpha channel is not displayed/used correctly - the filled ColumnSeries is not transparent. Using the same PNG-Bitmap as e.g. a mx:Image works without problems (you can see the background through the transparent parts of the bitmap).


      Is this a bug? A missing feature? Or am I missing something?






      P.S. I am using Flex 2.0.1 and Flashplayer 9