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    Creating a video loop




      I am using Adobe Premier Pro 8 to create music video loops. I am doing  this from a music tuition video so I can play along to a looped section  of a song. I want to cut out a loop from a song and then export it as a  seperate video. However this requires quite a bit of fiddling to get the  in and out positions to match up correctly.


      When i  adjust the loop in and out markers the player does not update to the new  in and out positions. It just keeps playing the loop from the original  in and out markers. I have to manually stop and then start playing the  loop again for it to start playing the loop from between the new  positions of the markers. Is there a way to have the loop update in real  time every time you adjust the in and out markers so that I dont have  to press stop and start each time?


      I would also like to  know if it is possible to get the player to automatically start playing  when you move the cursor in the time line? I have used other programs  like nuendo and when you click the cursor in the timeline it  automatically starts playing.


      I have been trying to  figure it out but I am stumped!



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          Not sure which program you are using, as there is no PrPro 8. Pr 7.0 (on some packaging was called PrPro 7.0) was a bit of an oddity, as most of the world got it as PrPro 1.0. The next versions were PrPro 1.5, 2.0 (sometimes called CS2 w/ the Production Studio), CS3, CS4 and now CS5.


          There is a PrElements 8, which is the current version.


          Now, if you want the footage to loop, just Export it as, say a MOV [Animation CODEC], and in QT Player, you can set playback to loop. I believe that WMP can also be set to loop, and you could use a WMV format for that, plus others. Not sure if VLC Player, or MediaPlayer Classic HC, can be set to loop. You may have to experiment a bit.


          One could also author a DVD with the footage, and in the authoring program, just set the End Action of the Timeline back to itself and it will loop.


          In PrPro, you could just do a new Sequence, Copy/Paste your Trimmed Clip onto that, and hit Spacebar to play.


          If you Dbl-click your Clip in the Timeline, you'll get the Source Monitor (where you set your In & Out Point. There, you can set the playback to Loop, and it will playback in a Loop.


          Which method you choose will depend on what you want, and possibly on which version of the program you have.


          Good luck,