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    Updates for Reader if user is not an admin


      2 questions.


      1.  How often does the automatic updates run for the reader?

      2.  If a user is not an admin, the updates section in preferences is grayed out and also the user can not do a manual update as it isn't even an option.  How do you get around this?




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          370H55V Level 4

          Update preferences are set in the preferences window and it's possible  to turn them off altogether, download only, or download and install. I  believe the program checks at launch by default, provided the Internet  connection is active and not firewalled to block Adobe Reader.



          You can simply "push" the updates (from what I've read) using an API that installs with admin rights from the initiation point. I'm not a network administrator, so I have no expertise in this area and I may be 100% wrong.



          Otherwise, someone with "limited" user rights is prohibited by Windows from installing software. That's not an Adobe setting. Since most any software requires admin rights, this is an uphill battle to fight.