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    After effects error cant fetch cmaps


      I am using After Effects from CS4 premium in Windows 7



      I am having this problem after installing Cinema 4D

      "Can't fetch Cmaps" and "Unknown BIB error, can't fetch cmaps"


      this only happens in "Standard User", if i change previleges to administrator , AE works fine.

      Before instalation os Cinema 4D it worked fine and now i cannot open AE has "standard user" .


      Does any one have a hint about this issue?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          83 :: xx errors usually refer to some issue with fonts, but it would seem odd that this should be related to just installing Cinema 4D. still, I'd definitely check the permissions on your Windows font directory. I'd also check the graphics settings and whether you assigend a specific graphics card profile that may not be compatible with AE. BIB error actualyl means that something cannot be drawn, but the resource is actually available. This may point to some buffer settings being wrong, an unusal screen resolution or the program simply not being able to communicate with the graphics driver due to user privileges missing. if all else fails, adjust your group policies to allow all users to modify and load system drivers.