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    Adobe Updater problem


      Adobe Reader version 9.3.2 updater is frozen on my desktop.  A repair setup box appeared but will not allow me to cancel or continue. Also, I cannot restart or turn off the computer as the updater is overriding those commands.  What can I do?

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          To escape 9.3.2 updater hell, open Activity Monitor in /Applications/Utilities

          click on the pop-up menu at the top of the window

          select "All Processes"

          find the process called "Adobe Updater" that is owned by Root

          click on it, then click on the stop sign at the top of the window, then Force Quit it

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            your app should be updated regardless of those dialogs. Restart your system and check for app version in About Reader dialog.

            Does it appear as 9.3.2? if not then follow this procedure:


            1) Log in to an administrator account on the Mac.

            2) Run Adobe Reader 9 and make sure the Adobe PDFViewer Safari Plug-in is enabled (in Adobe Reader 9, run "Preferences > Internet" and make sure that "Display PDF in browser using Adobe Reader 9.x.x" is turned on).

            3) Run "Help > Check for Updates" and run the updater. (You need to quit Adobe Reader before running the install).

            4) Following completion of the update, restore the "Preferences > Internet > Display PDF in browser..." settings to their original settings.


            Hope this will help!