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    Sudden difficulty importing wmv files


      Hi, I'm using a trial version of CS4, am under the gun, have strong working computer knowledge but limited technical knowledge, and am new to video editing. But I had a great guy teach me the basic ropes of video editing in CS4 and I'm doing a pretty great job of creating clips from downloaded wmv files and have about 7 clips of 12 done for a presentation I need to deliver today. Suddenly, however, I can't get the final wmv file to load into Premiere. The only difference I can see between the two prior files that imported fine and this third one is that the two prior files show on my desktop with the wmv "filmstrip" icon, and this third one shows with the "first frame" icon.  All 3 wmv files were downloaded from the same source, are about the same size (250MG), etc. I've tried dragging and dropping, importing from menu, and right-clicking. Nothing works. I deleted and re-downloaded the third just in case it was corrupted. But for some reason, every time I try to import this third file, CS4 gives me the message "Not Responding," and then Premiere crashes. I really can't stop working on this now, and I need clips from this file. How can I get it in there? Thank you.

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          Of course, within SECONDS of posting that -- and after fiddling with this since LAST night -- the icon of the third file on my desktop suddenly changed to the filmstrip (without my doing anything) and I was able to drag it in to the project monitor just fine. So my problem is solved, but can you explain it to me? It would help to understand what was going on.

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            Well, WMV is a streaming, delivery-only format, and not meant for editing. However, some will Import and edit, to a degree, in PrPro, with some major processing overhead required.


            Also, WMV is a "wrapper," in that it can contain all sorts of "stuff." Likely, your one bad WMV has something that PrPro cannot handle, or does not like.


            Open up Windows Movie Maker (should be installed on most Windows machines), Import that WMV, and drag it to the Timeline. Export as DV-AVI w/ 48KHz 16-bit Uncompressed WAV. Import THAT file into PrPro, and edit away.


            With WMV files, conversion is always the best workflow.


            This ARTICLE will give you some background on "wrappers."


            Good luck,




            [Edit] I see that you got things sorted out, and that's good news. The above will give you some of the info that you seek now.


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