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    CS5 Classroom in a Book?

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Has anyone leaked a release date for Adobe Classroom in a Book Premiere Pro CS5? Seems that some folk had a tentative date in the UK, but not sure how accurate that might have been.


      Also, is there any word on how this new book might compare to the CS4 version?


      Do not wish to push any NDA's, but am curious.



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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          As soon as there is a firm publish date it will show up on amazon.com.   I cant give any details beyond that.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Thank you. Will keep my eyes open. Seems that someone mentioned a UK release date for it (June?), but have not heard any confirmation on that.




            PS - looks like you guys have been busy cleaning things up in the CS5 FAQ section. Sorry about that, and I recall making the promise to keep things clean there. Guess I cannot be trusted. Thanks for picking up after me...

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              Is there anything else out there (in in the works) for Premiere CS5 in the form of a good reference book? There is oodles of references for After Effects; but it seems like Premiere got overlooked after CS3, which is the last version of Premiere who's sole source for written reference wasn't CIB.


              I have CIB for Premiere CS5... It's a typical CIB. Lots of how... very little why, which makes retention difficult. I'm learning the gist, but it's really designed to be a step-by-step tutorial... not a reference book.


              CS5 is my first experience with Premiere. I have no idea how applicable older references are, so PLEASE!!! If anyone knows about a good reference book for Premiere, please fill me in. New or old -- so long as it covers the major fundamentals in CS5... I can find or figure out the newer version features on my own if I am solid on the fundamentals.




              Also... please ignore my screen name. I tried probably 30 screen names, all unavailable, before I got frustrated and typed "ThereAreNone"!


              Which was conveniently available. ;P

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                Steve C2



                I assume that you have seen the CS5 Classroom... book.  If not, here's a link.



                I browsed it, last week, and decided to hold off.  This book might work for a beginner.  I'm not really too advanced and I thought the book was not only something that was intended for beginners, but that that is is also sketchy in its presentation.  But, you be the final judge.


                There is also the lynda.com tutorial.  Some people might like it and some people might find it to be condescending.  Regardless, if you want to piece together a "course: for a complete beginner, these two tutorials might nicely complement each other.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  I have CIB for Premiere CS5... It's a typical CIB. Lots of how... very little why, which makes retention difficult.

                  Going back a few versions, I had the same comment. I do not know the authors of the earlier versions, but when I got CS3, I saw that much had changed, and stayed that way for CS4. Though I now have CS5 for PrPro, I am still reading CS4.


                  Curt Wrigley has done a good job, IMHO, at bringing a lot of the "why" into the mix - much better than with some previous editions.


                  I am with you, in that I can utilize instructions much better, if I do know the "why." It helps me fit the exercises into the "real world," and allows me to apply the concepts to what I might have, and not just to the exercises.


                  Do you have that same problem with the most recent versions of CiaB? I know that the author takes comments, like this, very seriously, and works hard to fulfill those needs.


                  I have some older books on PrPro, but have not kept up with the more recent editions, or additions.


                  I do agree that there are tons of books on AE, and that PrPro has been an "ugly step-sister" by the thoughts of some publishers.


                  As I am so ingrained to gravitate to books, I do seek these out, and will usually buy, before I try, just to have the references. For some Adobe suite upgrades, I bought the full manuals (when those were available), because I wanted the printed references in hand. Though we ARE talking about digital processing here, I wanted the book in my left hand, with my mouse in the right. I am still not 100% comfortable with the on-line Help, in lieu of the printed manuals, however current the former might be - just an old-school, old-guy, in my instance.


                  Good luck, and please post your observations on the CiaB for CS5. I know that the author will be watching closely.



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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Also... please ignore my screen name. I tried probably 30 screen names, all unavailable, before I got frustrated and typed "ThereAreNone"!


                    Which was conveniently available. ;P

                    Thanks for reporting.  I am still chuckling over that!  We see some odd screennames, and I'm sure "unavailable" is the reason for many.  Your creativity, and being rewarded for it, is fun!

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      You might want to check out the Learn By Video series from Video2Brain and the Total Training material for Premiere Pro. They go into a lot more depth than the stuff from Lynda.com. If you really want a book, then Premiere Pro Help and the CIB are really your best bets (maybe not in that order).


                      (Full disclosure: I did the Learn By Video series for After Effects with Angie Taylor, and I also did some of the fundamentals videos for the Premiere Pro set.)


                      I know that I put a lot of the "why" into my stuff for the Learn By Video series.

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                        Steve C2 Level 2

                        Hi Todd,


                        Thanks for sharing the info on Video2Brain.


                        Are you referring to an older edition of the course, or did you get it from another source?  bn.com lists the availablity date as 11/11.



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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          > Thanks for sharing the info on Video2Brain.


                          Are you referring to an older edition of the course, or did you get it from another source?  bn.com lists the availablity date as 11/11.



                          We finished recording in late July. Release date is this autumn. This is the first English-language set from Video2Brain. Until recently, they mostly did non-English material.

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                            ThereAreNone Level 1

                            Premiere Pro CS5 CiaB Review:


                            I'm about halfway through CiaB. I won't say it's a waste of time... I am learning some cool stuff. But  it really doesn't help me much with the overall big picture. I feel too much like I'm doing paint by numbers. But the biggest issue is that it's not very helpful as a reference. For example: one of the things I wanted to know was if you could set up "actions" (like in Photoshop) for transitions that can be used in other projects. When I got to the chapter about transitions, it just walked me through tinkering with them. 3 chapters later I found the section for creating custom video effects, which can be applied to transitions. The problem is that you will never find that in the index unless you know this up front. If I'm in the middle of a project with a deadline, I don't want to play "Where's Waldo" with the index.


                            Ultimately, I find I learn better if I can dive into my own projects and problem solve when I encounter problems. A truly good beginner's tutorial will give you an overview of the program, explain not only the how, but the why, and most importantly, be usable as a problem solving resource as you encounter problems in the real world. I've never gotten that sort of flexibility from CiaB. The format of all the CiaBs I've tried it too taylored to one type of learning style. It's all very "by-rote"... memorize and regurgitate. My brain, like many creative types, just doesn't fire that way. Plus, it sucks the fun out of the learning process.


                            I have used Dummies and Missing Manual for other Adobe programs. I love them. They are very non-linear (in that each lesson can stand alone)... you can skip around to find what you need, you can apply them to your own projects instead of using preset templates and materials, and the table of contents and indexes are so well done that they are fabulous as references. CiaB is a straight tutorial, one lesson building on the last... totally linear, making it less than optimal as a reference, especially combined with how the content is written for the specific materials provided on the disk that comes with the book. I'm sure that the authors of the CiaB series are trying to design their material around total novices, but there are other methods for teaching newbies besides paint-by-numbers. I will reference the Dreamweaver CS5 for Dummies: I am a graphic designer by trade but started a new job where web design and video editing were required. I had never done either. I tried learning Dreamweaver a few years back but gave up in disgust... too much code, no instant gratification... I honestly didn't know how other graphic designers wrapped their heads around it. I thought it was a lost cause for me. So, having no choice but to try, I picked up a copy of Dummies for DW CS5... I had a pretty decent looking, 30+ page functional static site up and running in a week. It even behaves in all the major browsers (yes, even IE) and utilizes CSS. It was an easy read, easy to follow, works great as a reference, and managed to teach this hopeless website retard how to get the job done using my own materials (though it's chock full of typos, but I can overlook that). Best of all, it was less than half the price of CiaB. No, it doesn't cover everything and some of the more advanced stuff is glossed over, but for someone looking to get up and running, it's just dandy... and for those things that are glossed over, it at least gives you enough background to know where to go from there.


                            If you can learn, retain, and apply knowledge gained from a "click the buttons I tell you to and see what happens" teaching technique, you will do fine with CiaB. But that's not me, nor is very many people I know.

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                              ThereAreNone Level 1

                              Thanks... I will look into that. I found several online video tutorials that were quite helpful... video works really well for me. But I'm still a big fan of having a written reference for those "oh, crap, how do I fix this" moments when you're in the middle of a project.


                              It just really bewilders me how little written material there is for Premiere. I can't even find a class locally. It's like the red-headed step-child of video production.

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                                Steve C2 Level 2

                                If you really want a book, you could review one of the Premiere Elements books.  Of course, you will not be able to work in CS5  like you would work (although some things are conceptually similar) in PE, but these books will give you an idea of how to use things such as green screens.  If you are interested, first ask others here, or Steve Grisetti in the PE forum, for their thoughts on this.


                                Regardless of whether you get one of those books, you might still want to review one of the videos on Encore.  Some people will rave about its flexibility, or the drag and drop "fun" of the pigwhip, but it is not intuitive.  At least, it isn't when compared to the PE interface for producing your production on media.  You can write your PE production to a DVD or whatever without reading anything.  Good luck with Encore, especially when you need multiple-screen menus.


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                                  Curt Wrigley Level 4

                                  The online manual is a pretty good reference tool.  The CIB is not designed to be a reference book.  Its is designed as a tool to walk users through different editig scenerios so they learn by doing.   There is no one learning tool that work perfectly for everyone.  But you are blasting the CIB for something is not intended to do.


                                  Personally I learn best by watching then doing; so video training works well for me.  Many good video training tools have already been mentioned here.  Be sure to check out Total Training; one of the best for adobe products imho.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    There IS a big difference between the limited authoring functions in PrE vs the full-featured Encore. Other than one starting with Video Assets, and ending up with DVD, there is almost no comparison between the two.


                                    For the ultimate book on Encore, I strongly recommend Jeff Bellune's Focal Easy Guide to Adobe EncoreDVD 2.0, Focal Press. Yes, I know that you are on En CS5, but everything in that book will apply. It does not cover some of the additions in CS4 & CS5, but the Help files cover those well. If you read Jeff's Book, you will know how to get what you want from Encore - all that has really been added, other than BD, are more and different ways to get the end result. Also, Jeff will reveal a bunch of "secrets," that will create some great illusions. Some of your users will think that you have found a way to break the DVD rules.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      Steve C2 Level 2

                                      Hi Hunt,


                                      Thanks for the tip on the Encore book.  I agree that the Encore provides more options than PE.  My intention was to point out that if someone feels that there is not much literature on PrPro and is not convinced on the available books, one might spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to figure out how to use Encore  Love or hate Encore, and I am not passing judgement, one needs to learn it one way or another.  It is possible to figure out PrPro without books and courses, but Encore is another matter.  As an example, I don't think that there is a way to decipher Encore's diagnostic messages without understanding how things are supposed to work.



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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Well, regarding the error messages in Encore, there are problems. Encore (and actually PrE's authoring modules) and built on Sonic's AuthorCore modules. They often do not talk with each other, and do not talk to the OS. Encore is an abstraction layer, and often gets very cryptic messages from the various Sonic modules, and has no clue what they are telling it. In a few cases, Encore "guesses" at the problem. Is it perfect? No way. Do we all wish that the error messages were less cryptic? Obviously.


                                        Now, with Jeff's book, there will be far, far fewer error messages, so it could well become moot. In 5 years +/-, I have had one real error message in Encore, and have to attribute that to OE on my part, as a redo, with the same Assets (and actually the same base "template" Project) worked 100%.


                                        Good luck,