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    How to construct a complex batch process for Acrobat Pro

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      I’ve been given a task that is somewhat outside my scope of abilities. I am hoping someone can direct me to resources I can use to complete this request.


      I have been asked to work out an easy-to-use batch process for Acrobat Pro (we use version 9). I do not routinely use Acrobat Pro, but I am familiar with some web technologies and am comfortable modifying JavaScript (but not building a script from scratch). The batch process would be for users with no scripting ability and very little experience with Acrobat and could be distributed to a number of users in the department.


      Here is the condition:

      A directory exists that contains a number of MS Word, MS Excel and MS Publisher files. All these files need to be converted into PDF files. The conversion process needs to be as automated as possible. Basically, fire up Acrobat, point it to a directory and let it “walk through” the directory converting and saving files automatically.


      As I see it, at its simplest, Acrobat Pro, once fired up, needs to:

      1)      Automatically open and convert each file into a PDF (without prompting the user for any input).

      2)      Leave the original (Word, Excel, Publisher) file intact

      3)      Automatically save the (new) PDF file to the directory (again, without prompting the user for input)


      There is one other thing I have been asked to build into this process. Each file needs to be renamed (based on either the original name, the date or some piece of metadata in the file and be made "web ready", no spaces in the name.)


      Again, all this needs to “just happen” once the user starts the process. The process continues until it either finishes all the files in the directory, or encounters a problem and stops.


      I’d like to have some suggestions as to what books or documentation is available (or any other resources) that would describe how to build this batch process in Acrobat. I have done some searches for information and have cme up with only a few pieces of documentation. I am hoping others might know of additional resources.


      Thank you,