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    RoboHelp 8 Freezes When Trying to Use Any Open Dialog


      The title pretty well says it all. RoboHelp freezes when I try to use Open... from the Starter screen or File>Open or any other control that accesses the open dialog (i.e., the open/explore button on the Content Settings tab in the FrameMaker Document Settings dialog). I have to end the process in the Task Manager and restart RoboHelp. (Fortunately, the Recent Projects links work – except for Open..., of course.)


      I discovered this when I had to restore links to moved FrameMaker documents. My installation is TCS2 running on Windows 7 32-bit; all updates to all TCS2 components and Windows 7 have been installed.


      I tried an in-place reinstall of RoboHelp, but that didn't make any difference.


      Any ideas?