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    CFB de-selecting selected text

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      Sometimes I find myself using SHIFT-CTRL-BACK_ARROW repeatedly to select a bunch of tag attribute/values, or other miscellany in my code.  Often, CFB will "forget" where I started selecting from, deselect everything thusfar selected, and then restart selecting again.  As an example, consider this passage:


      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam neque mauris, pulvinar non viverra ac, blandit et mi.


      If I was to position my cursor at the end, and press CTRL-SHIFT-BACK_ARROW ten times, I would expect to select everything from (and including) "Etiam" onwards.  And 90% of the time that's what happens.  However 10% of the time, I'll end up with perhaps only "Etiam neque mauris, pulvinar" selected, because CFB will reset the selection after a few keystrokes.


      Up until today I thought it was the keyboard I've been using at the office (it's not a keyboard I usually use... I'm hotdesking), but I'm working from home today and I'm getting the same sort of behaviour on my latop.


      I would normally blame my lazy fingers before blaming anything else, but the simple fact is that I am not seeing this happen in any other application I use, and fairly frequently in CFB.  So I think it's something in CFB.


      I suspect it's similar to the wobbly-line problem we see when one is typing towards the end of a long line, and CFB takes it upon itself to left-scroll the screen back to the beginning of the line if one pauses in typing.  I guess as part of some background task CFB performs, it resets the selection buffer or something?  Dunno.


      Anyone else seeing this?