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    Files Panel acting strangely in CS4


                If I anchor the files panel to the left side of my screen when I press the button it only opens in one column view.  If I hit the button to see it in 2 column view (i.e. Server files on the left, local files on the right) it immediately goes full screen (with no way to make it smaller).  If I hit F8 it goes back to it's normal size (but back to only one column view) and removes all the other anchored panels from the left side of the screen.  Very frustrating.


      The only way I can get it to go to 2 column view is to pull the panel out from the side and make it a floating panel.  Then when I hit the 2 column button it does what its supposed to without going full screen for some unknown reason.  I can then anchor it back on the left of my screen, rebuild my other anchored panels and all is good with the world.  Until I close Dreamweaver and the whole process starts all over again (and yes I save my workspace layout, it doesn't change anything).


      Anyone else have the same issue, or possibly a solution?  I just bought CS4 and there seem to be a lot of these kinds of bugs, such as a cut and paste bug that doesn't let me do either to the point I have to restart DW (and no update)...