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    Captivate generated javascript




      I want to track scores from a captivate quiz in a proprietary application.

      I have been digging around the javascript that is generated from the publish process of both the generated .htm file and I have noticed the following things:

      1.  g_objAPI is always null in my application and as such the call to isAPI() always return false.  I am unsure as to why it cannot find the API.  Do you have any pointers to help me find the API?


      2.  There are ambiguous calls to SetScormVariable and below these calls is a commented out line SetVariable.  For example:

      //CaptivateObj.SetVariable(strFSArg3, strErr);

      CaptivateObj.SetScormVariable(strFSArg3, strErr);

      Why are there 2 different calls?  Is one for a proprietary application?