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    Best processor for CS5?

    Jack Banatoni Level 1

      I've fallen a little out of the loop on the latest and greatest hardware.  Time to get back in the game to build a new machine for CS5.  Last I checked, i7-920 processors were all the rage, considering price point and performance.  Is this still true?  I recall reading a while back that socket types were changing on some i7 models (I may be confusing this with the i5).  What's the best guess of a "future proof" socket type?  I'd prefer not to buy a new motherboard if I want to upgrade processors down the line.

      Roughly, here is what I'm looking at for a system right now:

      i7-920 2.66GHz quad core processor (unless someone suggests better)

      ASRock  X58Extreme Core i7 / Intel X58/ DDR3 A&GbE/ ATX Motherboard

      12GB RAM

      Windows 7 Pro 64-bit


      I'm going to salvage my 7200rpm HDDs, ATI 4870 video card, disc burners, and 750W power supply from my current AMD machine.  I'll be working primarily with Canon DSLR, HDV, and AVCHD footage.


      I don't have an unlimited budget (under $1000 USD), so no Quadro cards in this machine.  Maybe next time.