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    ExternalInterface not accessable in IE until the object is made visible


      The website that I am working on has a flex swf embedded in one of the tabs. When the page is first rendered the visibility of the swf is set to hidden in the HTML. As choices are being made on other tabs, javascript is sending the information to the swf via ExternalInterfaces. This works great in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera but not in IE. If I call any of the ExternalInterfaces before the swf has been made visible in IE I get this error: "Object doesn't support this property or method". However once the object has been made visible for the first time in the session I stop getting those errors regardless of the current visibility of the swf. It appears to me that the swf is not being instantiated until the it is visible in IE. Does anyone know of a good work around or anything that I am doing wrong?


      Thanks for your time and sorry for the poor explanation of the problem.