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    How do you do that cool filter effect...

      Newbie question: I need to be pointed to a resource where I can learn how to do an effect.

      The effect I'm trying to figure out can be found here in Adobe's FlexStore demo application:

      Specifically, on the Products tab, when you narrow the products by series, price, or feature, the products on the right disappear, reappear, and slide in and out of place.

      I have my app filtering the content and removing and replacing products, but I cannot figure out how to add an effect to this. It's possible that the method I'm using for filtering doesn't support effects. I don't know.

      Does anyone know of a tutorial or an example with code available that I could use to figure this out? It would be a great help to me if so.

      This is my first Flex app. Diggin' the Flex.

      Thanks again everyone.