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    Why should I have Flash?

    St Phil

      I'm using a not long acquired laptop while I either sort out a problem on a tower or put another one in instead. I get quite a few blank spaces on webpages that ask me to install a plugin. I assume these are either for Java or Flash. I've not had a problem with this as I block adverts and most of these blanks don't seem to affect my use of the pages. Apart from looking at flashing and moving adverts and the unnecessary showing off of web designers, is there any any good reason why I should have Flash? There is a Microsoft version present in a folder but it doesn't seem to do anything - may not be installed. (Java is desperately trying to get me to update, but I'm not going to until I find out why I should need that too.) I am a long time computer user (Mac and PC) going back to MS-DOS 3.0 and the first Macs and writing COBOL on 8088s even. I just get fed up with frippery. (Adverts are blocked because I've never found one selling anything I want. I realise they pay the bills, but I'm not going to click on them so why display them?) I do realise that asking this here is not going to do much for my popularity...

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your popularity is not in jeopardy.  There's no need to change your ways.  Since creating advertisements is a minimscule part of what Flash is used for, you may end up missing quite a bit of useful web content, but you won't miss what you don't know exists.  It's really entirely up to you.  You can always try it for awhile and if you find your browsing habits don't have need for it, then just get rid of it.


          As far as the java bit goes,  my other machine is constantly reminding me that there is a new update available.  Since I can't get rid of the notice, I'm stuck with that, but I otherwise have no problem with what's installed so I don't plan to process the upgrade anytime soon.

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            St Phil Level 1

            OK, ta. If I decide to install and then get rid, how do I do it (the getting rid, that is)? On the tower currently in use, I can't find FLASH in Add/Remove Progs. That one does have it - and some of the adverts I'm now free of are a darned nuisance. (I run Win2000Pro on two machines and XP Pro on two.) I occasionally find a site that mandates Flash for entry. I just send them a rudish message and look elsewhere. I've not noticed much missing. I look for info rather than fancy stuff. Words and still pics are my area.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You shouldn't equate Flash to fancy stuff, but can if you prefer... While it has capabilities for fanciness, it has capabilities for lots else as well when it comes to delivering information... lots else that normal html designs cannot deliver.  But as I said, if you never see it you'll never miss it--I don't have an HD TV, and I don't miss it (but I won't waste my time complaining to someone who makes an HD broadcast).  As far as uninstalling the Flash player goes, I've never dealt with it so I can't say, but another very useful thing for the web is Google.  If you search using "uninstall Flash player", and add any details if need be,  I'm sure you will find help with that.

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                St Phil Level 1

                Ta for that. I found it at http://www.softwarepatch.com/software/flash-uninstaller-program.html .

                You haven't got HD-TV - I haven't even got a working TV of any sort. Can't see the point of paying for the licence when I wouldn't be watching it. (Why do people keep trying to give me TVs?)