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    Question Choice Radio Boxes

    Level 7
      Is there any way to have the radio boxes align-TOP when the question choice
      text wraps for two or three lines?


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          asm0d Level 1
          Yes, but only if you're willing to give up some of the LMS functionality of the Breeze server:

          (1) Write your quiz like always.

          (2) After the quiz wizard finishes, go back into the slides with questions you want to modify, and delete the text from the answers (right click on the text box to text-edit, and use the backspace key).

          (3) Now you have a bunch of radio buttons grouped with empty text boxes. You can put in new text boxes with your answer text on top of them, aligning the radio buttons to them however you want.

          While Breeze will still score the test for you, when you try to call up grades by answers (or a similar report) the answers are, of course, blank. Not a problem if all you're looking for is their grade, or which problem they got wrong.


          Marc B
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            Level 7

            Thank you very much. I came upon a similar solution... deleting only the
            wrapped text, then adding a text box for that.

            It might make the LMS report legible (enough) to have the first line.