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    Strange stroke behaviour on transparent objects in PDF


      I'm trying to export a poster that I designed in Illustrator CS4 to a PDF file. There are several elements that are semi transparent and that are overlapped with each other.


      Those objects don't have any stroke color. When the AI file is printed to a PDF file, the overlapping shapes are somehow sliced or clipped and the boundaries can be seen.


      An example:

      1) draw a large, light yellow rectangle on your artboard, with 100% opacity

      2) now draw a smaller black rectangle within the boundaries of the yellow rectangle

      3) draw a black circle that overlaps the black rectangle

      4) group the black rectangle and the black circle together

      5) assign the group's transparency to, let's say, 80% opacity

      5) print the artboard to a PDF


      After printing the artboard to a PDF, you'll notice that the circle's contour can be seen, although it was seamlessly blended with the black rectangle on your artboard. If you open the PDF with Illustrator, you'll see that there's a hole on the black rectangle where the black circle is.


      Is there a way to prevent this from happening?