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    Custom Form Creation

    Leonel Torres Level 1

      My question could have alot of solutions, but im open to any suggestion anyone might have. I am creating a website for an insurance/travel agency. They want a form on the website that will allow the customer to select different options using drop down menus that will then give them a quote for insurance depending on what options they choose. So what i need to know is how do i create a form that will have a cause and affect action.  Ex:


      When they click age 18 - another drop down menu will appear that will give them options fof whether or not they have a license. When they select the next option that applies to them the final menu appears and they choose whether or not they are married or single and it gives them a total for what they will have to pay. I wont need any kind of math to happen cause the proces are set depending on the different options you choose.


      The way i would like it to work would be when the come to the page there is only one drop down menu that asks them to choose the age, when they choose their age another menu appears next to it and so on. If anyone have any info that could help me i appreciate it.


      Thanks in advance.