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    reader 9.3.2, uncodumented SchemePerms value for javascript of "4"?

    Stephen Dowdy(Boulder,CO)

      In reader 9.3.2's "reader_prefs" file, the DefaultLaunchURLPerms block changed to add

      a "javascript" Scheme permissions value of "4":


        [ /c
            /FlashContentSchemeWhiteList [/t (http|https|ftp|rtmp|rtmpe|rtmpt|rtmpte|rtmps|mailto)]
            /SchemePerms [/t (version:2|shell:3|hcp:3|ms-help:3|ms-its:3|ms-itss:3|its:3|mk:3|mhtml:3|help:3|disk:3|af p:3|disks:3|telnet:3|ssh:3|acrobat:2|mailto:2|file:1|javascript:4)]



      Please indicate what this value means.


      (i believe these values are taken from Table 9 of:


      but please correct me if i'm wrong)