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    CS4 Timeline problems

    Paul2610 Level 1

      Hi all


      New to the forum and flash but have managed to create a short animated movie - unfortunatly the duration of the movie is made as 10 fps and last for 29 seconds (290 frames in total) but when I test the movie it plays to 36 seconds. Any body know why this is happening.


      Cheers for any help

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There can be variations in the frame rate depending on the processing demands of the animations. I don't know of any ready-made fix for this, but someone else might.  You might try up-ing the fps to 11 and see how that plays out if the time is critical.  You may want to try it on different machines as well.

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            Paul2610 Level 1

            Ye I tried changing the frames, in the end I restricted the time to 29 seconds when saving as a .mov - from that I found out which frame along the time line

            was being regarded as 29 seconds then extended or removed empty frames to edit the movie.


            Got another problem now - Once saved as .FLV I attached it onto another flash object I've made which is the portfolio galley on my site - http://www.mtn-m.co.uk/Portfolio_flash.html - using dreamweaver the preview of it works OK but when I uploaded it with all the other files all I get is what you see via the link above.


            my computer is not the greatest and some of you might see the movie and not just the skin - if you do please tell - if not, is there any reason why it should'nt be showing.


            cheers for any help



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You'll need to describe what you mean by "attached it onto"

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                Paul2610 Level 1

                I put the flv movie onto the protfolio via;

                import - import video


                (Before this I had used adobe media encoder to create the flv from the .mov of the movie file.)


                in the import window I imported it as;


                load external video with playback component.


                browsed to the location of the flv file - this was in the file of where all the graphics were I used for the movie, but later changed it (via componenent inspector) to point from within my web files (where I had copyied and pasted it from the previous location).


                next during the import I choose a skin.


                then once in the library I placed it on the stage on its own timeline.

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                  Paul2610 Level 1

                  Finally sorted it and as I thought it was a silly mistake again - during the import stage the file I got the movie from to 'load external video' was not from a web file or a file that was to be publiched so of cause it was not showing up it was looking for it in a file which was'nt publiched online.


                  On another subject - during making the video in flash I did some animation of a man walking - for this I imported individual .ai (illustrator) files of each of his body part then placed them on their own time line and did a motion for each - originally I drew the man and all his parts on one file with the body parts on different layers, if I had imported this file as a movie clip would it have been possible to of just done the simple movement of the arms, legs, mouth etc from within the movie clips own time line? would of saved alot of time.


                  Also I had planned to do movement by bones (hence why I seperated each of the parts into different files) but could'nt get the bone tool working - does an image have to be in a specific format (other then .ai or photoshop) for the bones to work?